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What is a Humana Health and Wellness Order Form?

Health is a very important factor in everyone's life. It is believed that with no health, there is surely no wealth. Humana Health and Wellness believes and operates under the same motive. Thus, for the aid of the user and to help them select the best health and wellness plan for themselves, Human OTC provides a complete form that comprises all the important details required to understand one's condition.

The Humana Health and Wellness Order Form guides the users to purchase appropriate products from their pharmacy. However, to fill out one, certain steps are to be understood in detail. The form is associated with a list of products that can be looked into to make the selection easier to get more knowledge about the dos and don'ts in the health and wellness plan.

Information Required in a Humana Health and Wellness Order Form

The information taken for the Human OTC health and wellness order form is unique and comprehensive. Every detail that is part of the guideline is necessary to help Humana figure out the plan and order of the user, respectively. The following list of information is required across the form whenever a user intends to fill it out.

  • Member ID with Date of Birth.
  • Other personal details include full name, gender, address, city, contact number, including daytime phone and evening phone, respectively.
  • Mention the month when the user wishes to receive the order.
  • Include the product OTC code, name, quantity, and price.
  • Humana offers insured products across its card. The order that is placed needs to be calculated whether it is greater than the monthly allowance or not.
  • Add the payment details in the form if required.
  • Official signature of the cardholder.

How to Fill Out a Humana Health and Wellness Order Form?

If you are considering filling out a Humana OTC form for setting up an order of medical products, you are advised to look into the steps as stated below in detail.

Step 1: You should include all the personal details and information required across the form for the first step. It includes the Humana Member ID found across the card, date of birth, gender, full name, address, and phone number. While providing the address, the user is advised to tick the box if it is changed from the previous address.

human order form

Step 2: The second step of this form asks the user to provide the complete selection of Humana OTC products, corresponding to the list attached that is to be ordered. It includes the product code, name, quantity, and price. Calculate the overall price of the products ordered, and check if the total is greater or less than the Humana monthly allowance.

human order form

Step 3: If the amount is more than the allowance, the user needs to add payment details for paying the rest of the payment. Add the card details, sign the official document, and the user is good to go.

human order form
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